"Music reminds us of who we really are"... 


The video on the right is my latest song. Please share far and wide.


I wrote about 25 songs about life, animals and spirituality etc. You can listen to many of them here on this website, on Soundcloud  and Youtube.

To book my live use the Book Me (Boek mij) button at the top or send me an e-mail.

I also play many covers from the 70`s and 80`s and I can do a Neil Young Tribute for the big fans.

I'm also a horse behavior specialist and can help you solve problems using their psychologie (Natural Horsemanship).

Because  I also love dogs and have friends with a shelter in Bulgaria I wrote a song about stray dogs. Read more about this on stray dog project page....and of course I adopted a stray dog myself.

Follow me on Spotify. New album released soon (March 2022)