My live performance tells a musical story about life .... through my own songs and some of my favorite Neil Young hits. Inbetween songs I share my insights on how to follow your heart.

The lyrics of my songs came from my own experiences and could direct your thinking towards more curiosity or even more awareness of what (your) life realy is about.

I play anywhere from a living room to a theater ... as long as people are listening.


This is a short demo of my LIVE performance. Recorded on June 15, 2018 in the most intimate theater ... :

Bonboniere, Tinnenpot, Gent, Belgium.

Podcast #1

The video on the left is my first podcast. It's about the lyrics and message of my top song Raising Vibration.

To help humanity and the planet we need to rise up and out of the chaos we have been in for a long time. It is time to follow our hearts desire. When we do that there will be Harmony and together we will create a New World. Because what happens in the world is the sum total result of human collective consciousness.

Podcast #2

About the message and lyrics of my song Simple and Easy. What or who we realy are.

I love sharing my insights and experience on this subject... because I love humanity, animals, nature, planet Earth.

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